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And baby don't follow their lead, 'cause you never know

Just how the story ends, or how the story goes

Fran [OU]
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name Fran
origin Final Fantasy XII
gender Female
species Viera
age Unknown
height With ears - 7'; without - 6'1"
hair color White
eye color Red
barracks assignment Pending

Being a Viera, Fran is very tall, with long limbs and feet. Due to the shape of her feet, it is easier for her to balance on high heels rather than flat shoes. She has dark skin and white hair, and red eyes. Viera are very rabbit-like, and thus Fran has long white rabbit ears and long nails, as well as a more pushed in nose. She wears an outfit made of black leather and armor, which is hard to explain, but I'll try. Fran wears an intricate black helm with holes in the top which her long ears fit through, and a metal hairtie (holder? Not sure what to call it) with which she holds back her thick, wavy white hair. She wears a sort of combination corset one piece swimsuit which has no straps and is cut out to show her stomach. Really, it looks more like a bikini with sides, and in the cut out midriff area, there is a thin, translucent cloth that hangs down. The back has cut outs where her shoulder blades show through, as well as a fake metal rabbit tail. Over this, she wears a shortly cropped jacket-type deal whose sleeves end just above her elbows in a jagged pattern, and which ties just underneath her collarbone. She wears intricate black metal armguards and leg guards as well, and her shoes are stilettos, easier for Viera to walk in. The heel is split in two, and the toes have fake claws.
Personality: Fran is the wisest of the party, fitting as she has lived much longer than all of them. She is well-spoken as a rule, and the only exception to this is when she's in great pain, generally when Mist is involved. She's also rather stoic, to those who don't know her. Her race views certain things as an inevitability, preferring not to worry about things beyond their control. Although Fran does not, for the most part, subscribe to most of her peoples' beliefs, this has affected her, and she tends not to worry needlessly.

Viera culture is very ethnocentric – they view humans as barbaric and prone to useless violence. Fran, however, is an exception. She was fascinated by the world outside the Wood since her youth, and left her sisters and village to explore it, knowing that she could never return. Because of this, she accepts humans and the other races of Ivalice readily. Also, because of this, there is a sort of longing in her. She can no longer hear the voice of the Wood. When she asks her older sister to listen to it for her, admitting that she's afraid it hates her, Jote tells her, "The Wood longs for you, for the child gone under her boughs." Fran simply smiles bitterly and says, "A pleasant lie, that," before turning away.

Fran also seems to view the events folding around her in a detached sense, offering advice or gentle goading. When Ashe is still debating whether or not to take revenge on the Empire, Fran smiles at her, saying, "Rend illusion. Cut the true path. Words of much mystery, yet [King Raithwall's] blood runs in your veins. Perhaps it whispers to you the truth?" This is generally how Fran voices many of her opinions – neutrally, calmly. She doesn't rush into situations and spout her opinions as the only way. Perhaps because of her long life span, she accepts that there are multiple paths more readily than humans, and doesn't get worked up over it.

She seems to have a sort of thirst for knowledge - though there is very little she doesn't already know - second only to her thirst for freedom. This is the reason she left her people in the first place, and she finds her freedom in Balthier, a young sky pirate. Their relationship is integral to either character – they rely on each other more than either let on. They know their roles well, each expecting the other to do their job flawlessly but knowing that they could take over if need be. Every action and conversation between the two (though not much is needed, as they seem to know what the other is thinking) speaks of a deep trust and respect for each other. This bond is shown very clearly in the Pharos at Ridorana near the end of the game.

Fran collapses from the massive amounts of Mist, and as soon as Balthier kneels beside her, she urges him to leave, but he only responds with a gently, "Easy, Fran," to which she urges, "Hadn't you best be off? That's what a sky pirate does. You fly, don't you?" Balthier scoops her up and replies with, "I suppose you'd better hang on, then." The two obviously care about one another more than they care about anyone else, although both show obvious concern for the rest of the party, albeit muted, in Fran's case. She seems to view Penelo as something of a little sister, showing her how to co-pilot the Strahl with the same sort of voice you'd imagine she'd use with Mjrn. She seems understanding by Vaan's longing for freedom, and his mistakes and slip ups are often cause for her to tilt her head questioningly. It seems that Balthier and Fran view Vaan and Penelo as younger versions of themselves. Ashe is a bit different – Fran guides her much more gently and in a more subtle manner, obviously hoping she'll make the right choice but understanding if she doesn't.
Abilities/Strengths: All Viera have incredibly heightened senses, and Fran is no exception. Viera hearing and sense of smell are especially acute, and they are often very graceful and quick. Their lifespan is three times that of a human, and they can sense Mist – the source of magic that permeates Ivalice. In addition, they can listen to the voices of the spirit world, which allows them to communicate with the world around them or even summon monsters from other worlds, although Fran herself cannot do this.
Weapons: She usually fights with a bow and arrow, although she can use magic or fight barehanded if need be.
Weaknesses: Her ability to sense Mist is also a major weakness – if there is an overabundance of Mist, Fran collapses. This causes a great amount of pain, and to quote Fran directly: "Such heat! The mist – it's burning!" Generally, after this, she loses her senses, going into a blind rage and attacking anyone who tries to get in her way. After Fran goes berserk, she often collapses again, weakened by her rampage, and needs someone to help her to move, even to walk. In addition, her keen sense of smell makes her vunerable to some of the more smelly monsters that exist, and because she left the Wood nearly fifty years ago, she can no long hear its voice.

History can be found here
This is a role-playing journal for econtra_rpg by assula.
Fran and Final Fantasy XII © Square Enix.
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